Wednesday, June 19


Morning mist There are some compensations to getting up and leaving for work early. Unfortunately the one that means the most to me, I can't take a photo of as I am usually driving and for some reason people get quite upset if you try taking photos whilst driving!

There is a bit of wetland I pass on the way to the train station, and when the view from the front drive is like this, I know there will be a 'magical, mystical' view as I pass the wetlands. The trees are all interlaced with the mist, and the different greens and occasional autumnal/winter brown leaves make it look like somewhere else, possibly Europe, certainly a little closer to some one's dreamtime landscape

I think I should be spelling that 'myst', because at that time of day I am not really awake, though I am aware enough to keep both hands on the wheel (which is probably a good idea). As I drive past the wetland, stopping and starting with the traffic, I am mildly entertained in a slightly hypnogogic manner by wondering who lives by the 'mysterious lake' and what adventures they might likely face ... then I have to put the brakes on, because the lights have turned red and I have to get to the station in one piece for some totally mundane reason, and my idle musings are burnt away like the myst once the sun actually crawls out of her bed and hauls herself up over the horizon.

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