Wednesday, June 5


I'm never quite sure about Wednesdays. I think it is because it is neither one end of the week nor the other, and there is this mental lacuna as to what shape the day should be.

Monday has always been fairly straight forward. It is a STUFF TO DO! sort of a day, though with some regrets for the weekend just past.
Tuesdays feels more like that moment when you get in the zone and things just happen. I like days like that. Thursdays are often a zone kind of day too. And Fridays can be both days of completion or days of preperation for the weekend and the following week.

But Wednesdays seem to have three modes. They either fit right in with Tuesdays and Thursdays, or are flatter than pancakes and much more boring, or they are exciting to one extreme or the other!
Today is one of those as on my way home, I'm stuck at the train station with an incredibly flat tyre (I must have picked it up this morning on the way to the station *sighs*). Mind you, as I wait for the RAC to come and rescue me, I consider myself having achieved another of those 'bucket list" futuristic thingies that raised a low Wednesday to a high Wednesday *G*

The update to my phone's operating system means that I can just talk to my phone and my phone does the typing for me.

Finally my Star Trek dreams have come true!

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