Tuesday, June 4

Regular things ...

Recently, I read a post (though I can't find it right now) about 'the regular things' someone does each day. And it struck me that starting back at work and trying to maintain my previous 'regular things' would necessitate me getting up at five (or possibly four) in the morning - and that just is not happening for this little black duck!

Since I'm not too keen on the earlier wake up drill (definitely more of the owl than the lark) I decided to document what I did this morning, knowing that I had to be at the train station by 7:30 to catch the train.
I can get the day off to a reasonable start, providing I only skim the emails that have come in overnight and listen to the ABC Breakfast Show. But I am also starting to wonder that my internet fed mornings were probably getting a little out of hand as I am finding a real sense of missing something while staggering around the kitchen trying to wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed and read email. So this 'info-diet' could well remind me to practice a little more moderation in my info-consumption!

What I have noticed in this last week, is the regularity on my homeward journey of whipping through my twitter stream and favouring those sites that might provide an interesting longer read later in the evening. It is definitely one of the benefits of being chauffeured to work and back again. Doing it that way means I can read longer articles with more ease on my desktop or laptop screens. Shorter ones get read on the train inspite of the slower downloads.
Though I am starting to just favourite things far more for some reason. There seem to be a few more blogs and such that I'm reading... *g* Perhaps they will become part of my 'regular things' next month?

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